Goosewing Sounds offers extraordinary audio and bespoke, original music for everyone from podcasters to games designers and advertising campaigns. My services are affordable and top tier, whether you’re a global corporation, a small business, or a solo creative wanting to make their mark. With your vision and Goosewing sounds, we can make sure your projects are both seen and heard.
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Podcast Production & Editing 
With around 3.2 million podcasts worldwide, ensuring that yours stands a fighting chance needs more than great content. I’ve worked on an extensive range of podcasts, from producing live and interactive events to providing simple post-production edits and I’ve developed an exceptional ear for detail. For a taste of the level of crystal-clear audio Goosewing can provide you with, hit ‘play’ on the clip below.
Prices From: £50 per episode (max 1hr)
I can't recommend Paddy high enough...
I can't recommend Paddy highly enough for his exceptional work in sound editing and post-production of my podcast, Rewritten Me, Australia’s first and only podcast about reconstruction after a mastectomy. Working with Paddy has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish.
What truly sets Paddy apart is his ability to tackle even the most challenging sound edits with ease. Whether it's removing background noise, enhancing audio clarity, or seamlessly editing my ‘mispeaks’ and ‘fluffs’ - he’s always exceeded expectations. His attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring that every episode sounds polished and professional. That’s quite a challenge as my podcast is not recorded in a studio, but uses an online recording studio where I interview guests remotely with guests using their laptop and phone headphones/mic.
Additionally, my guests feel more comfortable knowing that Paddy will edit content that they’re not comfortable leaving in. I have complete trust in Paddy and am grateful for the invaluable contribution he makes to my podcast. If you're looking for a sound editor who is not only talented but also a pleasure to work with, look no further than Paddy.
Luan - Rewritten Me, Australia
Always goes above and beyond
Paddy is reliable and creative and always goes above and beyond when he takes on a project. 
As a project leader of the student-lead WaterBear BA Online podcast, he took on the role as producer and editor, in addition to creating engaging content. I would not hesitate to recommend him for future job opportunities, as I have done on more than one occasion.
Kaya - WaterBear, UK
Video Game Music & Sound Design
Let’s take your video game sound design to the next level. I’ve collaborated with independents, indie companies, and global production houses, composing everything from memorable musical motifs to epic and immersive soundscapes. No matter how large or small your project might be, I can give it that extra layer of audio magic.
Pricing From: £100
To listen to the full track click on the purple play icon below...
Great collaborator - fantastic result
Patrick and I worked closely together on the theme tune for one of my projects, as well as creating detailed and unique foley. His work was so good our studio approached him again to work on our latest game release on Steam. His depth of knowledge and skill created results we are delighted with, and his friendly and approachable manner made collaboration with him easy. We will definitely be approaching him again for future work, and highly recommend his services!
Sean M - Scale Issue Studios
Synchronisation Music
Whether it’s for a film, a trailer, or an advert, the right music helps to establish an emotional connection with what’s being seen on screen. Goosewing creates original and tailored music to support your visuals and make your message more memorable. Press ‘play’ on the clip below to hear the music I composed for the global launch of Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, released on all major gaming platforms.
Prices From: £50
Tiny Troopers Global Ops Launch Trailer
To listen to the full track click on the purple play icon below...
Sonification of Data
Using sound and music not only brings visual data to life, but it can also make it easier to get to grips with and easier to remember. Whether it’s a presentation or you’re showcasing an annual report, Goosewing can aurally enrich your data comms and learning materials to create a captivating audiovisual experience.
Prices From: £70
Event Work
While I’m Goosewing on the internet, I’m Paddy in the real world. I have extensive experience working festivals, events, and workshops from set-building and breakdown to live sound engineering, and artist liaison. Whatever you need to make your event seamless, get in touch.
Day rate: POA
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